This was a fun little device I picked up as an impulse buy after hearing about it on Reddit. It’s a portable charger for USB devices, but was discussed in the context of Raspberry Pi computers. I have Amazon Prime so I couldn’t pass it up for $5! I thought I’d see how good it is as a charger and if it makes sense as a power supply as well.

As my bus is fully dependant on solar power, efficiently collecting, storing, and using power is always a primary goal. While not as effective as actually increasing the size of your house battery bank, a portable supply you can throw in a backpack or purse has a lot of utility when you’re not at home. I know I’ve hopped on my Helix and gone for a ride, using my phone’s navigation system to get me somewhere, and wondered if I had enough juice to get me back home later. Being able to pack an extra full charge worth of juice is a no brainer if it works!

I hope you enjoy this video review!