Having done several bus builds, we’ve got a good idea of which items work and which don’t live up to their promises. This page will be our regularly updated list of things that we use (or have used) in our bus that we recommend. I’ll do individual posts about these where appropriate soon!

Air Conditioner

We love the efficiency and cooling power of a mini split, but we also love the convenience of a window mount unit if you don’t need it all the time. We found a great balance with this 12k unit from Midea, which combines the best parts of both!

Power Inverter

There are a lot of inverter brands out there, but we’ve big fans of WZRELB. Despite having a funny name, they really deliver the power! We have one in each bus, a 24v and a 36v unit, and they’re doing great.

60 MPPT Solar Charge Controller

You can easily spend a LOT of money on a charge controller, but we’ve found that OneSolar gives you amazing bang for your buck. We’re using this with our 36v system with 2340W of panels and making a ton of power!

Queen Size Mattress

I’ll be honest, the return policy is what got me to buy this mattress initially.  So much of it comes down to individual preference, and it takes a week or more to adjust to a new one and find out if you really like it or not. We ended up loving the Tuft & Needle mattress and recommend it to all our friends!

Cam Chef Stove + Oven

This is by far the best stove and oven you can put into a small space. We’ve had ours for years and it’s a great way to prepare meals in our bus.


More to come!