Product Review Policy

If you have a product you’d like to send for review on our channel, please note the following guidelines.

  • All products we review are reviewed independently and honestly. As such, we don’t take sponsored reviews, and there is no guarantee that our review will be positive. In most cases, we won’t produce a review of a product we don’t recommend. We are happy to provide feedback as to the reasons we wouldn’t recommend it. However, if we do recommend your product and use it ourselves, it is likely to be visible in future videos.
  • If the product you send is a pre-production unit or otherwise a review sample (not in retail packaging) this will be clearly noted in our review.
  • If the product needs to be returned to you, you’ll need to provide a return shipping label and it will be sent back in the packaging it was sent to us in.
  • As we travel most of the year, any product reviews will need to be coordinated for availability and shipping details.
  • Our channel is topical and only products related to it will be considered

Please use this form to contact us about your product review.