The majority of Skoolie owners don’t have any experience with big truck technology. One of those strange things is air brakes. While some buses have hydraulic brakes just like you would find in any normal car or truck, most are air powered. This comes with a different set of guidelines to operate and maintain.

Your air-equipped bus will have an air compressor driven directly from the engine. There is a pressure limiter that disengages it at a certain pressure (around 110-120 psi typically), and it feeds a series of tanks, The tanks are located close to the components they drive to help keep them responsive without delays.

The process of measuring and adjusting your brakes is pretty easy and quick, and should be done regularly. Over the road drivers are mandated to check them at the top of the biggest hills on the highway, you may have seen the “Brake Check Area” signs while driving through the mountains. When you’ve got 15 tons or more going down a hill it’s a good idea to be sure you have the power to do so safely!

This handy brochure will help you learn to inspect and adjust your brakes yourself.

Safe driving!