Our last video got so many great comments on Youtube! A bunch of folks said I was too mean to Harbor Freight when I said a lot of their tools are one job use tools. A different bunch of folks said I was way too kind and that I should have spent more money on some other brand for no apparent benefit. One guy even accused me of being a paid shill for HF, that we faked the video and that we travel around in our bus selling tools. I love the nutty ones!


So today we have a new video of another Harbor Freight gem!

So I use a lot off tarps for things. Sometimes I even use them as tarps! But usually I end up cutting them, poking holes in them, and using them in place of a much more correct, much more expensive option. The problem is, when you start cutting them, you lose a lot of the strength at the attachment points, unless you put in a new grommet. HF sells a kit for $4 in store that will make 50 shiny new grommets.

I actually owned one of these kits before but I didn’t look at the directions, thinking I’m so smart I”ll just hit things with hammers until it works, and I messed up the tools. OK well I’m smarter the second time and now I know how to do it.. And if you watch my video, you will know too!