And there is so much room for activities!

New Bus Pic 1

Of course, there is also a list of things to fix. When buying a used school bus, you look for the most good and the least bad, but you always get some of each.
New Bus 2
The good stuff first! The bus runs great. The transmission feels good and was recently rebuilt. The heat and air conditioning systems seem to work good.  The electrical panel is super neat and organized!
New Bus 3

Now for the bad, at least what I know so far! The paint job is a vinyl wrap, which is a lot of work to remove. The air brake system has a leak. The throttle return springs are literally missing. Two of the tires need to be replaced ASAP. The tachometer doesn’t work.

New Bus 4

These are all fixable issues, of course.  Given the amount of work I have planned to build the bus out, only the cost of the tires makes any real dent. The air leak seems to be a rubber hose. The tachometer doesn’t work because they replaced the alternator and didn’t wire up the tach lead on the new unit (I’ll have to remove the alternator to identify it and then look up its terminals). I will be fabricating new throttle return springs for now, until I’m able to source a correct part at least.

New Bus 5

So the next steps are to address the list of issues, remove the seats, and start gutting it!